Wednesday, September 3, 2014

She pointed her finger like a dagger...


Closing in on midnight, Summer-languishing Big Cat Beauties... okay then, the internet connections don't seem to be working all that well right now... anyhoo, lightning storms rolled through again last night, only staying for a couple of hours... all the rain is a good thing for now, yep, every precious raindrop... the temps were definitely milder and the Kougaress did see the half-moon rising in the night sky... which with the recent cloudiness, the moon hadn't been all that visible...  Omigosh, is this Big Cat worn out... ya know, everyday the Kougaress learns a bunch of new info while listening to all the alternative internet radio shows... so much so, she's overwhelmed... but that's all to the good, given she learns far more now than when she attended college.

So, darling kittens, watch out for all the extreme weather out there, and be ready to hunker bunker down. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~


She pointed her finger like a dagger at the tall, rogue prince of a man.
By Savanna Kougar 

Sharra aimed her gun at the ground, and flung her head up at the man's inane question. Granted his voice rolled over her like black velvet and smooth whisky combined, but that hardly dampened the firestorm of anger just waiting to explode at the real culprit, the dino's owner.

"You!" She pointed her finger like a dagger at the tall, rogue prince of a man. Sharra's eyes narrowed to mere slits as she slowly and deliberately approached. "Your despicable pet has been devouring my roses. Every single one of the them." She bit off every word, and swallowed it whole.

"What are you going to do about it?" she demanded, stabbing her finger into the handsome shield that was the man's chest.

Gee, don't you dare write a sci fi novel about a school shooting... yep, one more sad sign of the times. Censorship is becoming an avalanche, and eventually it will  sweep every single author/writer into oblivion... unless, you write to the specifications of the establishment, that is. Of course, we authors could actually refuse to comply, and support each other no matter what. But will that happen in significant enough numbers to stop the steam-rolling system's agenda???


Teacher Suspended For Writing Sci-Fi Book Featuring School Shooting
WBOC 16 | Police swept Mace’s Lane Middle School for bombs and guns, coming up empty.



New or old, I'm in need of covers for my UnCover Monday blog feature again. It's supposed to go up this next Monday and I need a few more to have all I need for Sept. and even more for the following months.

Follow this link for details and the application.
Please help me get the word out so we can all enjoy new or new-to-me
writers and covers. Indie authors ok. No erotic/a, please.

My apologies if some of you get this on more than one loop.

Best wishes,

~Calisa Selfridge~
W/A Calisa Rhose



The Mount Polley Mine Disaster Has Produced a Mysterious, Waxy Blue Substance
Local residents and a marine biologist say the still-unknown bluish-green film burned their skin like a jellyfish sting. — Vice News


Stonehenge 'complete circle' evidence found
Parch marks in the grass, in an area that had not been watered, have revealed places where two "missing" huge sarsen stones may once have stood. — BBC News


The Alien Whisperer: Jill Tarter On 38 Years Of Hunting For E.T.
Alien hunter extraordinaire Jill Tarter, the inspiration for the movie Contact, speaks about her quest to detect signs of intelligent life. — Popular Science
Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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