Thursday, September 4, 2014

Witch's Moon ~ Chapter Five

Have thunderbirds returned?

Late night mews, summer-sporty and spiffy KitKats... more lightning and more rain last night and early this morning, along with cooler temps... but sun, heat, and humidity are on the way... the waxing moon sailed the heavens above early this evening... and gosh, there just aren't enough hours in the day.

Things are definitely wonky-weird out there, darling kittens. So, stay on watch. And remember, this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

Okay then, fairly good progress on polishing the latest manuscript... nearing the half-way point. 


Wow, it's Wednesday already...
by Rebecca Gillan

Wednesday snuck up on me thanks to the three day weekend. I not only didn't prepare a post for today, I've pretty much been buried in "Witch's Moon" because I sent it out to an editor last week and got it back super fast. She found several things I need to work on, so that's what I've been doing pretty much constantly since Saturday. Instead of a post, I'm going to share chapter five with you. I've posted part of this chapter before, but it's now been reworked to fix a flow problem the editor identified. Let me know what you think.

~ Rebecca

Chapter 5

Dante’s kitchen was a clown car. Literally. I had made that comparison when I saw all the barflies coming out of it earlier, but now I knew for a fact that all of them had actually come through the kitchen and not through some hallway or stairway just inside the kitchen door. It was kind of like seeing a six lane highway running through a factory district, with on and off ramps here and there, and one lane in each directing reserved for local traffic. I had no idea how they managed to get this to pass the health inspection.


9/2/2014 — Large ‘Thunderbird’ On Video — Tornado Sirens, Strobe Lightning & Falling Tree
Tuesday, September 2, 2014 6:50
Tornado sirens, a tree getting knocked over in the neighbors yard, strobe lightning, green lightning……AND A GIANT THUNDERBIRD!
Yes, I said it. A bird with a large wingspan, flying in the tornado warned supercell, with hail, and strobe lightning. Seen at about 18min 30sec into the recording.


 Bizarre, Amazing UFO Hovering Over Melbourne, Australia (Video) (video)
Bizarre, Amazing UFO Hovering Over Melbourne, Australia (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Mort Amsel. via Open Minds by Jason McClellan Witnesses observed a UFO over Melbourne, Australia on the night of Sunday, August 31. This object hovered in the sky over the southeast Melbourne suburb of Carnegie for more than an hour, according to those who observed the mysterious craft. It flashed...


 NASA Witness Sees Guys Walk Over to Viking lander on Mars! (video)
CONTRIBUTOR: Scoob Adler. What on Earth is NASA hiding on Mars from the public? “John Lear is the son of the famous inventor of the Lear Jet. He is a Lockheed L-1011 Captain and is highly regarded in aviation circles. He has flown over 150 test aircraft and has won every award granted...


SoftBank to Sell World's First Humanoid Robot in US Next Year
The 1.2m robot, which is equipped with a laser sensor and 12 hours of battery life, can dance, make jokes and even interpret human emotions. — IB Times


HEADLINE Scientists Prepare to Solve Mystery of Sumerian DNA

Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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