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Gift For the Soul... Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays

Christmas Eve yowls and mews, festive and fortunate Kittens... mostly mild-temp weather on the Kougaress's tame prairie... two days ago though, during the afternoon, wicked stormy winds hit... yet, no icy-snowy weather... anyway, today when the Kougaress trekked down to her mailbox, one of the golden eagles swooped out of tree at her approach... for seconds this Big Cat felt the power of the eagle's flapping wings, almost as if it was her flying away... btw, a fascinating show on Coast to Coast am, where Joshua P..Warren discussed sightings of Santa and/or his reindeer... he speculated Santa could be a created tulpa for some... but here's the connection... when this Big Cat was tiny [pre-kindergarten] she had one of those dreams that feels absolutely real... her dad had read TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS to us kids... and that Christmas eve night she heard the reindeer tromping on the roof... and she ran out into a snow-covered yard, then looked upward, only to see in full glorious technicolor: the gorgeous reindeer in all of their harness finery, including the bells...they were hooked up to a beautiful sleigh... and there was Santa in all his red and white regalia... it was all incredibly wonderful!!! ... in the morning, there was no snow, only a brown grass yard... still thinking she'd really seen Santa and his reinderr, the Kougaress told her dad about it... as she recalls his expression was a bit confused, but he simply went along with it in the good way of dads. 

BLURB: "...paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren discussed many fascinating tales of Christmas including those who believe in Santa Claus, actual Santa sightings, dark holiday lore, and gifts that may be cursed or possessed. He also revealed evidence on why paranormal activity increases around the holidays. This time of year might be so active because of what could be called "spiritual polarization," as the good cheer of the holidays also raises up its negative opposite, he suggested. Regarding sightings of Santa, Warren connected them to "tulpas,"conjured thought forms or collective manifestations.
He has recently investigated a strange creature in the Caribbean, known as the Gargola (Spanish for gargoyle), which only appears around the holidays, and has been witnessed by at least six police officers. The entity has a face like a pit bull, large bat wings, glowing red eyes and is around 6 ft. tall, and has been seen appearing around churches, nunneries, and monasteries in Puerto Rico, he recounted. Warren received a photo that he believes may be the Gargola. He also announced the publication of his wild and humorous new novel "The Gringo Maniac Murder Spree." 


A Gift For the Soul ... if you've ever been bullied and/or bullied anyone... here's a true story for you, as told by Denise Lynn in her newsletter [permission to forward is given]... Denise's experience resonated deeply with the Kougaress given her recent experience of being bullied by an author she thought was her friend. 

Mumblings and Musings December 16th 2015
Hi! Welcome to my newsletter where I muse (and sometimes mumble at bit) about the world around us. I'm so glad to be connecting with you in this way.
With all my love,
Denise Linn

The Bully, the Blood... and Something Curious
I got a call from someone that I hadn't heard from in decades. In the course of the conversation she said, "Do you remember Kathy? I ran into her. She's working as a secretary at a car dealership. You wouldn't recognize her. She gained a tremendous amount of weight, and she must have some kind of hair condition, as her hair is so thin that you can see her scalp."
As she continued to chat, her words catapulted me back to my childhood memories of Kathy. I was nine years old and we had just moved to yet another town... and once again I was the awkward new kid. During my first week of school, a girl marched up to me on the playground. She was blonde with upturned curls that bounced as she walked. She wore a crisp, plaid skirt and an ironed, bright white shirt. Even though I had only been there a few days, she seemed to be the most popular girl in our class. In tow behind her were five other girls who made a semi-circle around me.
Kathy stood in front of me, scanned me from my head to my feet and back again, then jutted out her lower jaw and demanded, "Do you think that you are pretty?"
I looked down at the ground and shyly replied, "No, I don't. I know that I'm not pretty."
Kathy seemed momentarily taken back by my words, but then said, "Well, it's good that you know that you're ugly, because you are. And also, your clothes look like they came from the Salvation Army."
Kathy turned abruptly and stormed off. The girls, tittering with nervous laughter, turned and ran, scrambling to catch up.

I felt frozen to the ground. I was sure that everyone on the playground was staring at me. I looked down at my clothes. They were indeed secondhand. My family didn't have much money, so most of my clothes were from thrift stores or sent by relatives who felt sorry for us. The new clothes we had were purchased at a store called Bargain City. My mom always bought the new clothes really big so that we would grow into them. I usually preferred the secondhand clothes that fit to the new clothes that didn't (and usually I got teased when I wore them).
After that, I tried to avoid Kathy whenever I could, but her teasing was relentless. Mostly she kept telling me how ugly I was. One day in the locker room, Kathy came up to me, and smugly said, "I've decided that we should be blood sisters."
I was shocked by her words. Did the most poplar girl in school want to be friends with me? Did this mean she wouldn't torment me anymore? Did she like me? Surely she wouldn't bully me if I were her sister?
Kathy handed me a large needle and said, "Prick yourself until you get blood, and then I'll do the same. Then we'll mix our blood and we'll be sisters."
Girls in the locker room gathered around us as Kathy handed me the needle. I looked at her and looked at the needle... then grabbed it and thrust it into a finger. A small amount of blood oozed out. Kathy said, "That's not enough, it needs to be more."
With determination, I plunged the needle even deeper and a stream of blood flowed over my finger and into my palm. It hurt. Then I handed Kathy the needle. Suddenly she burst out laughing, "Denise has blood all over her! Uggh! I'd never be your blood sister. You are too ugly!" Some of the girls laughed; others looked at me in a kind of disgust, and a couple of the girls seemed to pity me.
I hid my hand at my side in shame, as I ran to the sink to wash the blood off. Although there were other events, the "blood sister" event was my last vivid memory of Kathy in elementary school; I can still feel the searing humiliation of that moment.
After I got off the phone, I thought about all the times that Kathy had called me ugly and pondered the fact that she later grew up to be morbidly overweight with thinning hair. It occurred to me that perhaps her words were a kind of self-accusation of what was to be. When I thought of other times in my life in which I was seemingly unfairly accused I realized that in the years that followed, almost every one of those individuals seemed to embody what they had accused me of. Curious. The old adage is true: "What someone judges in others is usually a reflection of a quality they possess (but aren't owning)." Knowing this can help in those times when others accuse you unfairly 
So here's my advice... If you feel unfairly judged by someone, mostly likely their judgment says more about them than about you. It's how judgment works. The accuser projects his or her own (unacknowledged) inadequacies onto you, rather than face the truth about themselves. Remembering this makes it easier to be compassionate with those who demean you.
My wish is that every child who is bullied would know this about their tormentors. I wish I did when I was young; it would've made a difference.

~Denise Lynn Seminars~

Let freedom ring for everyone on planet Earth, and let LOVE guide the way... 

Krazy Kat kisses... 


Wishing you romance on the wild side…  

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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