Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Red Lioness Rises... once again...

A digital copy of the original art work by David Burton for the cover of RED LIONESS TAMED

Midmorning mews, my most lovely KitKats... overcast but mild temps on the tame prairie for the past couple of days... wow, what a nonstop crazy life these days... the Kougaress just can't keep up... but she keeps on trucking, as they used to say.

Watch out for weather extremes, darling kittens. Prepare, hunker bunker down where you can. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!

Author news and mews ~

The Red Lioness Rises... once again, Sun Rocket Kahoqua's erotic love story with Draxen V of the Venture is available for those of you who want a sci fi shapeshifter action-romp.

Okay then, the Kougar discovered a missing word in her opening chapter of RED LIONESS TAMED. Plus, she wanted to rewrite a couple of paragraphs. THUS, today she redid her files and uploaded the updated files to SMASHWORDS, AMAZON and ALL ROMANCE EBOOKS... a huge chore on dialup. However, it's accomplished, and hopefully her ebook will be available for sell soon on Amazon, since its in pending again. UPDATE: Amazon is live!


Wolf Rancher to the Rescue
by Savanna Kougar  

Drey Valence shoved his balled fists into the pockets of his sheepskin jacket. Indecisiveness burned through him like an old-fashioned branding iron. Hell on high, he was rarely plagued by this state of mind.

But here he stood in two feet of snow staring at the small but cozy cabin some quarter of a mile away. Yeah-growls, staring at the thin stream of smoke from the chimney through his own frosty breaths.

All summer he'd kept a sharp eye on the woman, concerned for her well being. From a distance he'd watched her make the abandoned cabin liveable enough.


Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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