Wednesday, November 11, 2015

...ginormous formation of the spidery-ugly drones...

by Savanna Kougar 


Autumn howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Because this is all I can manage this week, here's another rough-draft chapter from Keina and Drev's erotic love story, Waiting For a Filly Girl, a SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS WIP

Tagline: Ex super-soldier boy meets winged filly girl. Will they live happily ever after? In Talbot's Peak territory anything is possible.

Chapter Forty-five

Her blood a fierce blaze, her spirit fiercer, Keina soared beneath the canopy of diamond-brilliant stars. Symone's thighs gripped her sides hard as Keina banked a tight turn. She struck the cold air with her wings, swooping toward the ginormous formation of the spidery-ugly drones—all them her size, at least.

With deadly precision, mere minutes ago, Symone had eliminated ten of the laser-weaponized unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. Whoever, or whatever. commanded the killer-tech swarm—whether humans with joysticks, a human variant species, or an AI in control—they'd made a serious combat mistake. 

She and Symone had not been blown out of the sky.  

Snapping her wings wide, Keina put on the aerial brakes. She wheeled a u-turn, and with her wings furiously beating the air, she streaked along the back edge of the drone formation that advanced on Talbot's Peak territory. 


Wishing you love and passion on the wild side ~ 


 Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance

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