Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"Allis," Ralff roared from his overstuffed...

Wow, talk about a weird hole...

Two new large holes in the ground have been found in Siberia, similar to the crater-like formation discovered at Yamal Peninsula, Siberia earlier this month. Theories have suggested a number of causes, including the melting of permafrost brought on by climate change. More on the new discovery, including photos, at The Siberian Times. Watch a video of the first crater... At: ~coasttocoastam.com/pages/new-holes-found-in-siberia~

Late night mews, Summer-strolling Big Cat Beauties... still mild and lovely temps on the tame prairie... although, the chiggers are still out in force... yuck! ... a kind of discombobulated day... and then this Big Cat wasn't careful to eat enough, and the blood sugar issue hit... but it's all better now.

Sheesh, darling kittens, the world is speeding toward 'only God knows what'. Divine intervention needed for sure. So buckle up, and buckle down. 'Cause this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar hoped to get her flash scene written, which she did... then move onto writing her special project... but that didn't work out... anyhoo, the rescue scene of her story is next... and since we authors at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS all agreed we were too busy right now, we won't be participating in the latest blog hop at justromance.me... but check it out for reading fun and lots of good prizes.



"We're in the paranormal news again." 

by Savanna Kougar 
Pic from ~wikimedia.org~

End of July howls and yowls, shapeshifter lovers.

Okay, for a change of pace, here's a flash scene that was inspired by a Coast to Coast am radio show. JC Johnson, the crypto-hunter guest, spoke about several mini t-rex sightings.  Yes, apparently the killer dinos are still out and about on rare occasions.

Bigfoot & Southwest Cryptids
Date: 07-25-14
Host: Dave Schrader
Guests: JC Johnson, Open Lines
...host Dave Schrader (email) was joined by cryptozoologist JC Johnson (youtube.com/user/cryptofourcorners), who shared his research and experiences with cryptids in the Southwest US. ~coasttocoastam.com/show/2014/07/25~


"We're in the paranormal news again."

"Allis," Ralff roared from his overstuffed with gravel, hide-covered lounge chair. "We're in the paranormal news again."

"You're not listening to that silly radio show again, are ya?" Allis called from their meat-roasting den. The always-delicious smell of smoking elk wafted inward, almost done elk. Ralff salivated. "They always get it wrong," his mate added.

Ralff harumphed a laugh. "We're being called a 'mini T-Rex' species."


Second Siberian Hole Found – Is Permafrost Losing Its Perma?
The appearance of a second mysterious hole in the Yamal Peninsula of Siberia strengthens the mundane musings of scientists that the craters are the result of melting permafrost. — Mysterious Universe


Holy Hogwarts! New 'Invisible' Materials Made with Light
Invisibility cloaks may not be a reality yet, but a new method of building materials with light could one day be used to make these kinds of cloaking devices. — LiveScience


Giant anteaters kill two hunters in Brazil
The long-nosed, hairy mammals are not typically aggressive toward people and are considered a vulnerable species by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. — New Zealand Herald


Ghost attacks in Hanover haunted house
A home in Hanover, York County will be featured on a national TV show on Saturday. The homeowners say their house is severely haunted, with multiple ghosts and other entities. — Fox 43


What did in the dinosaurs? That giant asteroid (or comet) had accomplices
Climate change, changing sea levels, and volcanic activity severely undermined the environment for dinosaurs, even before a large impactor smashed into Earth, scientists say. — Christian Science Monitor

Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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