Thursday, July 3, 2014

Running Beneath the Fireworks

Romance Beckons


Morning mews, delightful and most daring Big Cats... the Kougaress ran out of time and energy last night, working on her flash scene for THE FREEDOM HOP, and didn't post... and gosh, who knew yesterday was WORLD UFO DAY??? ... anyhoo, nice and cool on the tame prairie with lovely dry air.

WOW!!! 10:11 am... and something low-flying and small just buzzed this Big Cat's house... flying southeast... the Kougaress caught the shadow of it out her window like she often sees the shadows of the golden eagles... this thing was moving damn freaking fast and sounded like a giant mechanical mosquito.

Watch your beautiful tails, darling kittens. Lots more world nastiness coming down the proverbial pike. And remember, this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~


Join us for THE FREEDOM HOP, July 3-6. Where the sensual fireworks are sure to go off!

Here's the beginning the Kougar's flash scene ~

Running Beneath the Fireworks

Sirocco's spirit plummeted, and she sighed silently. She knew what was coming. After wiping his greasy hands on a towel, the bad-boy looking mechanic who owned a wild mane of light auburn hair streaked by pale gold, headed toward her.

Sirocco caught herself appreciating the laid-back saunter of his slim hips. She averted her gaze, but not before seeing that 'look' in the man's rather odd  eyes. True, the color reminded her of fine golden champagne but the intensity almost unnerved her.

But yeah, it was the universal mechanic's look that said...

"Sorry, Miss Woodson, I won't be able to replace your starter until tomorrow. Ordered it, but they can't deliver until around noon," he hesitated, "tomorrow."

Yeah, NASA, what's really on the moon??? ... for a peek at what's truly on the moon and the ongoing massive NASA coverup, check out this brief interview with Robert Morningstar, and his site. AMAZING STUFF!


UFOs & Lunar Anomalies

First hour guest, civilian intelligence analyst and psychotherapist in New York City, Robert Morningstar, talked about World UFO Day, and UFOs that buzzed the Apollo astronauts. These UFOs were referred to as "moon pigeons" and were "gigantic white craft with square bases and trapezoidal bodies," he reported. He also stated that Chinese moon mission photos revealed mysterious, unexplained structures on the far side of the lunar surface.


British boy photographs Scottish soldier's ghost during cemetery visit
Teen claims to have captured the specter while snapping away on his iPhone at a battlefield cemetery in France.— NY Daily News


Canines have a secret language based on their gaze, study claims
Eye shape, color and facial markings are key in canine communication. — Mail Online


Ancient Asteroid Destroyer Finally Found, And It's a New Kind of Meteorite
For 50 years, scientists have wondered what annihilated the ancestor of L-chondrites, the roof-smashing, head-bonking meteorites that frequently pummel Earth. — LiveScience

Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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