Thursday, October 30, 2014

Final Day for the Halloween Blog Hop

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Howls and growls from the tame prairie, Samhain-sassy Big Cat Beauties... as the witching hour approaches, the cold is moving in... it was chilly this morning, definitely, and there was bit of rain... but the day warmed up nicely... not tomorrow, though... so, lots done... although this Big Cat's energy went bye-bye fast today.

Enjoy All Hallow's Eve, darling kittens, and say 'boo' to the bad guys. And remember, this Big Supernatural Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~



ShapeShifter Seductions ~ Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop

Welcome to Howl-O-Ween in our shapeshifter town of Talbot's Peak, Montana. Here are some flash scenes depicting the costumed fun and frolic, and yes, they could be on the erotic side of romance. 

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The Kougar had a chance to work on the formatting for the free read we authors at SHAPESHIFTER SEDUCTIONS are planning to make available... it seems to being going well now, despite the earlier format-debacle.


London museum planned to ‘shoot and steal Nessie’
Newly discovered documents have revealed how the National History Museum appealed to so-called bounty hunters to help secure the carcass of the Loch Ness monster. — The Scotsman


Audio: The Secret Dr. Sykes Bigfoot Expedition
Cryptozoologist Adam Davies and Bigfoot researcher Lori Simmons reveal the secret Bigfoot expedition, from May of 2013, that was funded by renowned Oxford University geneticist Dr. Bryan Sykes. — Binnall of America


Fantastically Wrong: The Real-Life Journey to the Center of the Earth That Almost Was
A look at 19th century American eccentric John Symmes and his Hollow Earth theory. — Wired


HEADLINE Time travel, teleportation and invisibility cloaks will all exist by 2100, scientists claim


50,000 sacred objects from stone sculptures to shells found in ancient Mexican tunnel - and archaeologists say they could lead to royal tombs
    Sacred tunnel was discovered in the ancient Mexican city of Teotihuacan
    Entrance to the 1,800-year-old tunnel was first discovered in 2003
    Artifacts include finely carved stone sculptures, jewelry and shells


Is Jupiter looking at us? Hubble Space Telescope reveals 'Giant Eye' of planet
As the shadow of the moon Ganymede swept across the center of the Great Red Spot storm, it gave the uncanny appearance of having a pupil in the center of a 10,000-mile-diameter 'eye.' —


Amelia Earhart Plane Fragment Identified
New research suggests that a piece of aircraft debris recovered from an uninhabited atoll in the southwestern Pacific does belong to Earhart’s twin-engined Lockheed Electra. — Discovery News

For Gosh Sakes, Don't Live in St. George, Utah... you can't dance...

Cops Threaten Dancers With Felony Arrest – for Dancing
Adan Salazar | Town’s heavy-handed crack down sets party organizer back $15k.
An event organizer in Utah was flabbergasted when police stormed his Halloween party over the weekend and proceeded to monitor partygoers for signs of dancing, even though a permit had been secured with the city in advance.
Cops terminated the Heart of Dixie’s third annual Monster Mash in St. George, Utah, this past Friday, and issued threats of felony arrest to the event’s organizers for violating a city ordinance which prohibits “public dancing” without the approval of the city council.

Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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