Monday, April 13, 2015

“Before the mammoth got loose and went on a rampage...


'Gateway To Hell' Found in China
Researchers are baffled by a fiery pit which recently appeared on the side of a Chinese mountain. The glowing orange hole has a recorded temperature of 792 Celsius (1458 Fahrenheit). According to geologist Hu Tan, the air pouring out of the hole is so intensely hot that it can cause a branch held near it to burst into flames. Experts believe it was caused by the spontaneous combustion of coal.

Late night mews, Springtime spunky-sparkly Kitkats... so, mostly grayish overcast today, and there's been several rounds of late evening and early morning thunderstorms during the last three days on the tame prairie... which is very good for the land... this evening's sunset was a glorious neon pink-orange color... okay, the Kougaress has been so wiped out, she hasn't gotten her normal workload done, including blogging... anyhoo, she's feeling better now... but she never knows, given her current health situation. 

Take care, darling kittens, the times are getting tougher and rougher. So hug each other close. And remember, this Big Cat loves ya!

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Location Location Location
by Pat Cunningham

“Hoov, m’man,” Pablo called from the front door of the Rocky Top Motel. “Shift’s almost over. You got plans?”

“Nothing that can’t be put off in favor of something better. What did you have in mind?”

“It’s grand opening week at that new place. Drink specials, food specials, maybe special ladies. Unless you’re still seeing Judy?”

“I’ll call her, see if she can meet me there. We’re talking about the Caverns, right?” Hoover frowned and leaned his forearms on the motel’s front desk counter. “Where the mini golf used to be, before … ”

“Before the mammoth got loose and went on a rampage, yeah. There was this whole underground complex right under the amusement park! Who knew? Well, the people who built it, obviously. Bet it was the government. Black Ops experiments. They probably set it up during the ‘50s. You know, the whole Cold War thing.”


Cashing in by retracing steps of mythical beast Bigfoot
Monday, April 13, 2015
Whitehall, Washington embraces Bigfoot with the hopes of becoming the next paranormal tourist destination. — Times Union


PICS: Rooftops in France Will Now Contain Gardens or Solar Panels
France has declared that all new rooftops in commercial areas across the country must be covered with either plants or solar panels.


Hidden Marginalia Emerges on Ancient Pages
Tuesday, April 7, 2015
The Black Book of Carmarthen, the oldest surviving medieval manuscript written in Welsh, has proven to be even more interesting than anyone even knew. Two scholars from the University of Cambridge – doctoral student Myriah Williams and Paul Russell, a professor in the department of Anglo-Saxon, Celtic and Norse languages – examined its pages under UV light and found fascinating marginalia not visible to the naked eye. Coming into view for the first time are ghostly faces along with reflective text that were added during the 13-15th centuries.
The book, which contains various types of poetry including religious verse, is thought to be the work of a single scribe – despite the fact that the size and style of the script varies throughout the 54-page book. Among the poems are two attributed to the legendary Merlin. And the first poem is said to be a conversation between Merlin and Taliesin, the renowned 6th Century Welsh.
In a statement, Ms. Williams noted that, "The margins of manuscripts often contain medieval and early modern reactions to the text, and these can cast light on what our ancestors thought about what they were reading,"
Over the course of its history, the ‘Black Book’ fell into various hands and the researchers speculate that an owner in the 16th century, Jaspar Gryffyth, was likely the one responsible for erasing the centuries of doodles and ruminations that show up under UV lighting. His name is written in Hebrew in the book.
The book is relatively small – measuring 6.7” x 5” and the pages are made of vellum (animal skin). The Black Book was purchased in 1904 by Sir John Williams, founder of the National Library of Wales.


Booms Shake the US
Monday, April 6, 2015
Loud booming noises that do not spread like sonic booms were heard on both US coasts and in Arkansas last week, adding to the proliferation of these events nationwide and worldwide. Just last week, booms disturbed residents in Berkeley, California, Lawrence County, Arkansas and Bordentown City, New Jersey, Victoria, Texas, Pennsylvania, Hawaii and North Carolina, to name a few. Just since January, there have been hundreds of cases reported in the United States alone. In general, they do not roll like sonic booms, but are single, loud explosions or rumbles that are confined to a defined area.


Obama's former pilot recalls UFO encounter
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Veteran pilot Andrew Danziger experienced something unexplained during a flight from Kansas City in 1989. Danziger and his captain Bruce had been on a flight to Waterloo, Iowa when they became aware of a partially obscured white disc-shaped object a short distance away from their plane.
The object seemed to stay with them for over 30 minutes and despite confirming with air traffic control that the sky was clear the disc continued to appear obscured as if hidden by fog.
Neither pilot was able to determine what it could be.
As they approached within 40 miles of their destination however the disc seemed to suddenly disappear and a red glowing ball-shaped object appeared in its place.
"It was big and bright and just sat there above the clouds," Danziger wrote. "It wasn’t intense enough to illuminate us with a red glow but it was still plenty bright. We sat there in stunned silence."

Mexico: Airliner on Final Approach Reports UFO
Monday, April 13, 2015
Scott Corrales shares news of a commercial airline pilot spotting a UFO prior to landing. — Inexplicata

 UFO Explodes in Russian City Leaving Behind Pillar of Black Smoke
Sputnik News | An unknown object exploded in a suburb of the Russian city of Chita.


Iris scanner identifies a person 40 feet away
Saturday, April 11, 2015
Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University's CyLab Biometrics Center have been testing an iris recognition system that can be used to identify subjects at a range of up to 40 feet. — Discovery News


Will robots get away with war crimes?
Sunday, April 12, 2015
Human Rights Watch warns that no one will be accountable if AI commits atrocities. — Mail Online


Forecasting Flares
Wednesday, April 8, 2015
‘Monster’ solar flares that knock out power grids and satellite navigation systems may soon become predictable. Scott McIntosh, director of the National Center for Atmospheric Research and lead author of a study just published in Nature Communications said that his group has linked the timing of the flares with the position of the magnetized bands in the Sun’s atmosphere.
Comparable to the jet stream that encircles the Earth, these bands carry opposite magnetic polarities that tend to warp and buckle upwards. When they’re far apart from each other, sun spot activity is at its highest. As they get closer together – and to the Sun’s equator – their opposing energies create heightened instability.

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