Monday, November 17, 2014

Another Side of A Phoenix ... and Give a Hoot

Come on down, baby Polar Bears... you'll feel right at home.
Cold-brrrrr nighttime mews, fireplace-warming Kittens... bone-chilling cold today on the tame prairie and tonight the temps drop in to the single digits... yowling-yuck!... certainly way too cold for this time of year, and there's evidence HAARP is being used to bring in the BIG BAD CHILL... so, the Kougaress spent part of the day winterizing the house more than she already had, among all the other stuff she had to get done... and some good news for which this Big Cat is very, very grateful... for a long time she hasn't been able to get whole, farm-fresh milk... and she can't drink the stuff in the stores... well her neighbor knows a woman with a dairy cow, and the kind, kind neighbor brought a gallon over... yum! ... the taste is so rich and so good.

Stay warm and cozy, darling kittens. Big events on the near horizon. Keep your balance and keep moving forward. And remember, this Big Cat loves ya!

The Big Booms Are Back!

BREAKING NEWS: Mysterious Earth-Shaking Booms Rock Ohio
Bizarre phenomenon has prompted a deluge of exotic explanations   
Three unexplained earth-shaking booms rocked two Ohio counties last night, prompting a wave of 911 calls from concerned residents.
Residents of Montgomery County and Warren County reported hearing three loud booms at around 7pm yesterday evening, prompting the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office to send deputies out to investigate.
“One Miamisburg man said the loud booms sounded like an explosion, and that the last one sounded louder than the first,” reports WHIO, adding that the booms brought baffled neighbors out into the street.

Authoress news and mews ~

The Kougar received a very nice email from a reader who said how much she enjoyed reading BRANDED BY THE TEXANS. That always makes an author feel good!
So, the Kougar is working on her holiday short story.
The Kougar penned Volcano's Weekly Angelic Forecast... which is posted at Kougar Kisses, and at these two sites ~ & ~ ~


Another Side of A Phoenix Named Tyburn
by Solara

Rachel cracked open the window across the room from her bed.  Tyburn slept with two blankets on him.  He insisted on taking the side of the bed closest to the door.  Something about protecting her. More like his male ego demanded he look macho now and then.  Rachel smiled at her inane thought. 


Give a Hoot
by Pat Cunningham

When it came to all things mechanical, no one in Talbot’s Peak could surpass Lutz and Bortz. The two German-born wolves could build or fix anything that involved pistons and gears. Once, on a bet, they constructed a tractor from scratch. The horse-shifter who’d been pulling his own plow happily paid up.

Right now, Mayor Gil was wondering how much it would cost to get the two to leave town. After they unfixed the town clock, of course.


Viewing Conditions: Leonid Meteor Shower to Flash Across the Night Sky Monday
As nightfall blankets the world in darkness Monday evening, stargazers will have a chance to witness the brilliant glowing streaks of the Leonid Meteor Shower flashing across the night sky.


Weekender: The Rosetta Mission - Historic Moment or Monumental Cover-Up?
Friday, November 14, 2014
Back on September 29, a UFO Sightings Daily post titled: “NASA Records Radio Signals Coming From Comet 67P For Over 20 Years!” suggested that information had been received from an anonymous ESA whistleblower who confirmed in an email that the mystery signal was detected twenty years ago by NASA and this was the true reason behind the Rosetta mission. The post, written by Scott Waring, was broadly criticized at the time and generally debunked, but the ESA have apparently confirmed that Waring was right.
To add further weight to the conspiracy theory, a September 10 photo from the Rosetta mission showed what appeared to be a radio tower and a possible UFO on the surface of Comet 67P. This photo was one of a number referred to by the whistleblower, and suggests that a mystery really does hang over the purpose of the Rosetta mission. Popular conspiratorial opinion is that the tower-like object is the source of the radio signals and suggests that extra-terrestrial intelligence is involved. There has also been some conjecture that the amount of money invested in the project far outweighs the potential scientific benefits that can be achieved by the comet landing.
If the signal really was detected so long before the Rosetta mission was launched, was its real purpose to make contact? Is this why Philae has allegedly had so many problems, so that there is an excuse for the limited data that is being returned, allowing its real purpose to be disguised?


The Limitless Mind: Scientists Discover Mind Power Can Alter Genetic Structure
Wednesday, November 12, 2014
The gene-altering effects were achieved by changing the wearer's state of mind from concentration to relaxation or vice-versa, and with a little practice, the volunteers were able to turn the rodents' genes on and off at will. The physiological consequences of this meant that blood protein levels could be raised or lowered in the mice remotely via mind control."


Harvard students take the 1964 Louisiana Literacy Test and every single person FAILED

Daily Mail - Just 50 years ago, states in the South asked voters who couldn't provide proof of a fifth grade education to pass the test in order to be eligible to cast a ballot. The test was intended to disenfranchise African-Americans, who in order to pass had to correctly answer all 30 questions in 10 minutes. Despite their Ivy League pedigree, none of the students managed to pass the test and their reactions as they struggled to make sense of the obtuse questions was filmed.


Hunting for a Real-Life Hagrid
Myths of strange creatures roaming the earth are plentiful, but one man is convinced they’re true when it comes to an ancient race of giants. — Daily Beast


An Indonesian Hairy Man-Beast?
The Nage people of Flores tell of a somewhat human-like entity called the Ebu gogo. — Mysterious Universe


Looking for UFOs? Travel Nevada's 'Extraterrestrial Highway'
A popular rest stop, the Area 51 Alien Center off Highway 93, features a restaurant, mini mart, picnic areas and a brothel -- all with an alien theme. — Sacramento Bee


Ears of Ancient Chinese Terra-Cotta Warriors Offer Clues to Their Creation
New research project lends credence to idea that famed Chinese statues were modeled after individual people. — National Geographic News


Decomposable 'bio drone' takes to the skies
Composed of mostly biodegradable materials, new UAV would allow for drone to virtually disappear should it crash. — CNET


Transylvania’s Haunted Forest, Known as Romania’s 'Bermuda Triangle'
The Hoia Baciu forest located outside the city of Cluj Napoca is in the historical region of Transylvania, Romania. — Epoch Times


The man who can hear Wi-Fi wherever he walks
Frank Swain has been going deaf since his 20s. Now he has hacked his hearing so he can listen in to the data that surrounds us. — New Scientist


World's tallest and shortest men meet on Records Day
Turkey's Sultan Kosen, who stands eight feet, nine inches tall, met with Chandra Bahadur Dangi from Nepal, who measures just 21 and a half inches. — AFP

Flying the Friendly Skies With Cell Towers ... there is no escape... your info will be assimilated. You will be assimilated. Welcome to the prison-hive mind of Big Brother Borg.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: Feds gather phone data from the sky with aircraft-mimicking cell towers
Ars Technica - Sources tell WSJ that police are watching cell phones from the sky. On Thursday afternoon, the Wall Street Journal published a report saying that the US Marshals Service (USMS) was using small, fixed-wing Cessnas equipped with so-called “dirtboxes”—receivers that act like cellphone towers—to gather data from citizens' phones below. The purpose of such collection is to target and spy on criminal suspects, but the data from any citizen's phone is collected by such devices.

Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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