Tuesday, November 11, 2014

WIP set in Talbot’s Peak...


Photographer captures Northern Lights, Milky Way and erupting volcano... in ONE photo
A Scottish photographer captured the Northern Lights, the Milky Way and an erupting volcano in a single shot. — Metro.co.uk


Afternoon mews, most Beautiful Big Cats...
good gosh! what a day so far, not fun in several ways... the neighbor's cows came a-callin', and this Big Cat managed to head them off so they went into a pasture area... hopefully, they'll stay there, but's not totally fenced... anyhoo, the Kougaress just couldn't post last night because she wore herself out collecting more apples, and preparing for the polar vortex... so, yep, the nasty windy cold is here freezing the tame prairie... plus, this Big Cat keeps having to rearrange her schedule given her changing circumstances... yesterday, it was beautifully warm and sunny... except in the late morning hours there was a massive horrible chemtrail attack in the southern skies... so not good for anyone, except the dark-side.

Darling kittens, be careful out there! Stay warm, and remember this Big Cat loves ya!

Authoress news and mews ~

It was promo Monday for this Big Cat, which isn't much these days, but she tries.

The Kougar penned Volcano's Weekly Angelic Forecast... which is posted at Kougar Kisses below, and at these two sites ~ sirenbookstrand.blogspot.com & ~ titlemagic.blogspot.com ~


Where It's At
by Pat Cunningham

I came up empty today, that’s why this is late. Luckily, I’ve got a WIP set in Talbot’s Peak. In this scene, Rick the mountain lion points out where everybody lives in relation to the Peak. If you don’t agree with my geography, let me know so I can rework it. That’s what drafts are for.

# # #

Rick led them by a roundabout trail to a high rocky promontory that offered a spectacular view in all directions. Around them and below, the trees cut off in a distinct line and gave way to grassy slopes and meadows. A wide pond lay in a dip at the bottom. In the distance Nilambari could see more peaks, some with trees, some rocky and bare, even a few with snow.

Morloxian, the mad werewolf scientist at ShapeShifter Seductions is all over this one...

Woolly Mammoth Mummy Yields Well-Preserved Brain
New find from 39,000-year-old woolly mammoth allows for unprecedented insights into legendary creature's brain. ~livescience.com/48625-mummy-woolly-mammoth-brain-revealed.html



Absorbing semen makes women 'more independent', says MEP   
‘The attitudes of men are passed to women by way of the semen,’ says MEP
This MEP expressed his thoughts on semen in a way one can only describe as a meticulously researched. metro.co.uk/2014/11/09/the-attitudes-of-men-are-passed-to-women-by-way-of-the-semen-says-mep-4941607/



Possible Gray Wolf Sighting at Grand Canyon Puzzles Scientists
The wolf, if confirmed, would be the first to roam the canyon's north rim in several decades and would be among the most well-traveled of his kin since wolves were reintroduced into Yellowstone National Park and central Idaho in the mid-1990s


New Nessie Video
Roland Watson looks at the latest Nessie video making the rounds online and provides an update which may reveal the true nature of the 'beast' in the film. ~lochnessmystery.blogspot.com/2014/11/new-nessie-video.html


Texas Man Turns Dirty Car Windows into Art
Graphic artist Scott Wade turns casual doodles on dirty cars into breathtaking images. — Yahoo! News


Largest Underwater Statue Holds Ocean on its Shoulders
Just off the coast of the Bahamas, a giant waits beneath the waves.
"I really wanted my work to be functional at the conservational level," Taylor told Live Science. "I realized I could make an artificial reef with these sculptures and they would have a different life," he said, referring to coral creatures that can colonize the sculpture.
The sculpture is intended to show that people, and especially the next generation, "can support our seas and stop them from collapsing," Taylor said.


Scientists Develop Interactive Cinema That Allows Viewers To Watch Their Dreams
Thursday, November 6, 2014
The art of lucid dreaming is one that many of us would like to perfect, allowing us to remain conscious while dreaming and to take active control of their content. This ability enables the dreamer to visualise a limitless number of scenarios, all played out in vivid detail yet totally under their control.


We’re all conspiracy theorists now – even our shapeshifting lizard overlords
While it’s tempting to dismiss conspiracy theorists as nothing more than a loopy minority, on a growing range of contemporary issues they make up a vocal majority. — Raw Story


This has GOT TO BE theee BEST interview that I've heard Bob Fletcher EVER GIVE on the pending threat of Planet X's passage by Earth & how the Elites have been preparing for DECADES now & how they plan to deal with the populace in a Post-Apocalyptic World ~thelightofdayradioshow.com/PlanetX_Files/LNITM_10-13-14_Guest-Bob-Fletcher-only-talking-PlanetX.mp3
Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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