Tuesday, March 24, 2015

One quick shift and bang, breakfast.

 Epona, and her horses... 
Morning mews, March more-than-marvelous Felines... foggy-cloudy on the tame prairie... but it's still Spring temps ... so, ever have one of days or circumstances where you were cleaning up a mess, only to have worse mess happen? ... yeah, no fun... this is when the Kougaress would adore having Samantha of *Bewitched* powers... life would be so much easier in many ways... 'course, there's always a downside and challenges to any so-called power... still, cleaning could be a snap of the fingers... and since robotic maids aren't being put on the market for most of us like in the Jetsons... and, at this point, such a robo maid would be hooked into the surveillance system... so, that doesn't work either... anyhoo, when she can get outside, this Big Cat is enjoying the nature all around her... oh, and guess what! ... finally, the Windows Media Player is back on the Coast to Coast am page while using the Firefox browser... so, that's a good thing! ... however, the Apple Icon is still missing, which doesn't affect the Kougaress... so that's someone else's battle... since this Big Cat spent tons of time complaining to all parties involved... and so it goes.

Have a lovely Springtime, darling kittens.
Enjoy this greening time of year, and keep on preparing for the superstorms of life. And remember, this Big Cat loves ya!

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Home Improvement
by Pat Cunningham

Digger had fallen into the habit of gazing out his kitchen window while he waited for his morning coffee to perk. Sometimes he got lucky and spotted a gopher or a squirrel. One quick shift and bang, breakfast. Today, however, all he saw was his neighbor Lorelei, staring forlornly at the bare patch that would be his garden come spring.

What the hell, he still had a good five minutes before coffee. Digger went outside. “What up, bunny?”

“This won’t do at all,” Lorelei said. “I need green. Where’s all the green?”


Never Before Seen Land At The Bottom Of The World - Admiral Richard E. Byrd (Video) CONTRIBUTOR: Please Wake Up. In this video: Admiral Byrd opens by explaining that there is a secret land mass the size of the United States that has NEVER been seen by anyone. (other than a few elitists of course) Here Is The Opening Admiral Byrd Found On His Expedition To The North Pole “Admiral...
Here Is The Opening Admiral Byrd Found On His Expedition To The North Pole
“Admiral Byrd’s two flights over both Poles prove that there is a `strangeness’ about the shape of the Earth in both polar areas. Byrd flew to the North Pole, but did not stop there and turn back, but went for 1,700 miles beyond it, and then retraced his course to his Arctic base (due to his gasoline supply running low). As progress was made beyond the Pole point, iceless land and lakes, mountains covered with trees, and even a monstrous animal, resembling the mammoth of antiquity, was seen moving through the underbrush; and all this was reported via radio by the plane occupants. For almost all of the 1,700 miles, the plane flew over land, mountains, trees, lakes and rivers.” ~beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2015/03/never-before-seen-land-at-the-bottom-of-the-world-admiral-richard-e-byrd-video-3126018.html~


Wishing you romance on the wild side… 

Kisses, Savanna Kougar

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